About Us

About TheShoper.in

TheShoper.in is a Display Name (Domain Name) used for unique ecommerce identity. So in all other document in this website we use Theshoper.in, so that our ecommerce customer identify us with this name.   

Our Products And Services

TheShoper is a Multi-Brand online store sales, Electronics Products like Mobile Phone, Led TV, Computers Laptops, Computer Peripheral components, Mobile and Computer accessories and Home Appliance like AC, Refrigerators, Washing Machine, Cooler, Speaker, and Kitchen Appliance like Mixer Juicer Grinder, Blender, Microwave Owen, Toaster, Griller etc. of well known brands. 

Hi, Its me TheShoper, I like to talk something about me hear for those who like to read this part of my website, earlier I am not in favor of online selling and shopping, though I have tried few ecommerce website to sell my products, and for many year I have nothing to do with online selling and purchasing at all, and doing my traditional business. But as the time passed, I noticed that there are lot of ecommerce companies from out side of our country doing business in India. I thought why I couldn't do this, why I can't sell products to my own peoples, the peoples of my own county. So this is just the beginning. I need the support and trust from the peoples of my country. So I can build an ecommerce website, that can compete with those foreign ecommerce website. I don't have very big team, but I have enough experience and confidence that I with my team can deliver the best of service and product to the customer of my country. We have started with limited range of product and will add products to our range. I request you peoples to keep visiting our website for our new products and offers. I will write more about team TheShoper later in this section. Have a great life to all of you.